Multi-editing in VIM

I recently looked at the Sublime Text and saw a feature that I liked but have not seen yet in my favorite editor vim: editing multiple selections at once.

Vim is very powerful and has great multi-line editing features, but as far as I know there is nothing that allows users to edit multiple selections with instant feedback.

So I took up the challenge to write my first vim plugin. Have a look at the first version at work:



  1. where can I get “the Multi-editing in vim plugin ” ?

  2. This is so fucking awesome.

    Where i can get your pluggin.

  3. The source code is at github:

    But it’s just a proof-of-concept implementation; nothing near production ready…

  4. Is it possible to get your vimrc somewhere ? That statusline is really neat!

  5. My vimrc is also on github. But if you are interested in the statusline just get the powerline plugin (

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